Think Visibility

Web Design for a popular conference

Dominic Hodgson from Think Visibility asked me to design this web site to help publicise their conference.

I combined a basic grid with some creative design elements to help convey both the professionalism of the company and the fun aspects of the event.

The site was built in HTML5/CSS3, and degrades gracefully in older browsers. This allows the best possible experience when visitors use newer web browsers, but is still usable and visually interesting in older ones, such as Internet Explorer 6.

An example of this, is the layout of the images on the speaker pages. In older browsers, visitors will see their photographs displayed with a plain grey border. Newer browsers will see more playful hand-drawn border, and the images animate when selected.

Additionally, the layout adapts to different sized screens, using media queries. For larger screens the text size enlarges. At the other end of the scale, the layout changes slightly when viewed on a small screen, such as an iPhone.

Think Visibility
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