A little about me...

Robert Lee-Cann — Web Developer

Robert Lee-Cann I worked for many years at a local Internet Service Provider, during which time I discovered a real love for building web sites.

Throughout my career I've built over a hundred web sites for customers large and small, and always dreamed of working for myself. In September 2009, that dream became a reality when I plucked up the courage to start my own business, and so Lee-Cann Creative was born.

In late 2012, I joined Stylefoundry Ltd. If you require web design or development services, please contact me there.

When I'm not working on web sites, I enjoy photography, movies and playing video games. I help organise events as part of Geeks of London, and am a regular at Suffolk Developers.

Most recently I helped co-organise BarCamp London 10, held at Microsoft's offices in Victoria, London.

You can find me on various web sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub and Flickr.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss a project or have any questions.